A Circulation Of Circuits
The project A Circulation of Circuits aims for a new perspective and understanding of monetary transactions within the European Union. In this project a fictional European currency is developed and comes into being through the work of European artists and designers. The works of artists and designers will be saved onto compact high performance computers and will become a medium of exchange. Unlike our contemporary currency, the location of this monetary unit can be tracked by connecting to the internet through API’s. In contrast to a conventional bank account, it would be possible to track the physical movement of currency, its location and exchange rate. Our goal is to initiate a redefined and independent currency that, by innovative means, can integrate into the everyday reality of the citizen.

A Circulation of Circuits is originally initiated by Martijn van Boven, Noortje van Eekelen, Doeke Wartena and Hacker and Designers, together with collective supports from an international group of experts from different fields.
computational coins | API | web | Raspberry Pi