Black Smoking Mirror
black smoking mirror is a performance in which the principle of reflection is central. by building a fixed screen of inflammable canvas, with the cinemascope aspect ratio, which after combustion caused by a laser, carries the remains of the light engraving. black smoking mirror is a symbolic expression about the transformation time of resistance, friction and obstruction of the canvas (the screen) by laser engraving. surrounded by an electronic sound field, resulting in a frightening experience for the spectator. the black smoking mirror is slightly tilted as a radio telescope standing loose in the performance space waiting like as a nitrate film and its emulsion to become a last frame of a scorched image due to the energy of the laser engraving. after the completion of the performance, the last frame, remains on-site carrying the indelible traces in the screen.
2015| length 18' | format laser projected images and fire | color and smoke | audio stereo | composition Gert-Jan Prins