The starting point: silence and blackness. Slowly, a grainy, high-contrast, black-and-white composition unfolds. Flickering white lines appear and disappear, accompanied by a pulsating electronic drone. The visuals remind of light rays, but perhaps also of scratches and noise on film. Gradually and subtly, image and sound seem to develop into an autonomous composition; they increase in intensity, building up to a point of collision and synchronicity. Starting from there, the environment reaches mild symbiosis, possibly developing endlessly in time. 'Interfield' builds upon Martijn van Boven’s interest in abstract, experimental film and early computer art; by means of computer-generated imagery and sound, he evokes an imaginary environment with alienating efects on the viewer.
2007 | length 6’ 40’ | format DV | color | audio 5.1 surround sound