Shell Script Lecture
A Shell Script Lecture demonstration I gave for the internetplatform The Hmm in 2021. A Shell Script Lecture is an experimental lecture format which I developed during the pandemic of 2020-2021 as a response to the video conference platforms such as ZOOM, TEAMS, Jitsi etc. Fully programmed in Shell to be executed in the Apple Terminal environment. The lecture runs automated once commenced by the participant. It allows for a synchronous presentation of files, images, visiting places on the internet, downloading and opening films and bringing people together in a Jitsi room. The Shell Script Lecture format showcases how a scripting language can run from the command-line and function as, described by The Hmm " As a alternatives to Big Tech platforms and show different approaches to using existing platforms in creative and atypical ways. Whether it’s building your own platform, using an open-source or privacy-secure platform, or hacking an existing platform to use it in your own way; these are all ways to respond and resist Big Tech profiting off our behaviour and our data."